About Me

Hello! Thank you for wanting to learn more about me. This site is dedicated to my spiritual journey and practice. I consider myself a recovering Catholic and have at various points called myself an atheist, Unitarian Universalist, Wiccan, and Occultist. Though none of these labels have fit me completely, I have found that the tenet of Unitarian Universalism that calls for a free a responsible search for truth and meaning to be a central guiding principle for me.

Through this journey, I have come to believe that spirituality is a deeply personal affair that can only be clearly labeled when unexamined. It is rare that any person who has engaged deeply with their spiritual side fits neatly into the boxes created by the rules of traditional religions. Rather, they will tell you that they agree with certain teachings and disagree with others. My philosophy is no different, except that I have not chosen to fit myself within the existing labels. Instead, I have chosen the term Gaian Witch as the closest descriptor of my beliefs.

Why Gaian Witch and what is that?

Gaia is the name given to the earth by the ancient Greeks. While she was personified in myth, there were no sculptures of her and she was never depicted in human form. Instead, she was a spiritual embodiment of the earth. It is because of this representation and my Greek heritage that I have chosen her as the namesake of my earth-focused practice.

The focus of my craft has included anything that can be naturally produced from the earth. I work with leather, gemstones, herbs, and natural incense. My rituals center around the cultivation of my garden as a space for reflection, peace, and renewal.

While the term witch is often associated with spell-craft, this term can be used for many forms of spiritual practice. When I cultivate soil, start seedlings, and pinch off weeds, it is done with the understanding that these actions contribute to the interdependent web of all existence and helps me see my place in the world. This is what it means to create personal ritual.

What do you do as an Occult Librarian?

I am an actual librarian by trade, having earned my Master of Library and Information Science in 2008 and worked in academic libraries since then. While my day job does not involve the occult, my personal library is rife with it. My journey into the many flavors of occult practice began in my garden and this continues to be a central part of my practice. I read extensively on the cultural and historical significance of the occult, the role of the occult in social and climate justice, and the creation of personal ritual as spiritual practice.